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Headstone Rededication Services

20 May 2015

As a consequence of this work the following rededication ceremonies are planned over the coming months.





Cemetery: Rancourt Military Cemetery
Grave Ref: BB. 1-3
ID Case No: 102
Casualties: Pilot Officer C. Light, 33479, Sergeant G. Hawkins, 510166 & Sergeant A.E. Craig, 358376
Ceremony: 21st May 2015

Cemetery: Besancon (St. Claude) Communal Cemetery
Grave Ref: II.4
ID Case No: 121
Casualty: 2 Unknown Airmen (Crew of Halifax JD211)
Ceremony: 10th June 2015

Cemetery: Guidel Communal Cemetery
Grave Ref: Row 6, Grave 33
ID Case No: 28
Casualty: Flying Officer Ernest Russell Lyon, 131529
Ceremony: 5th October 2015



Cemetery: Birr Cross Roads Cemetery
Grave Ref: I.D.19-20
ID Case No: 139
Casualties: Private H.R Huntsman, 6509 and Private C.A. Eacott, 6987
Ceremony: 20th September 2015

United Kingdom

Cemetery: Padstow Cemetery
ID Case No: 124
Casualty: Lance Corporal William Whitmore
Ceremony: 11th August 2015

Cemetery: Quorn Baptist Church, Leicestershire
Grave Ref: A.72
ID Case No: 87
Casualty: Sergeant Donald Mayson Payne, 902467
Ceremony: 30th June 2015


Cemetery: Becklingen War Cemetery
Grave Ref: XVIII.C.2
ID Case No: 108
Casualty: John Anthony Ronald Coulthard, 5386215
Ceremony: 30th July 2015


Cemetery: Arnhem (Oosterbeek) War Cemetery
Grave Ref: XXIII.C.10
ID Case No: 151
Casualty: Sherwood HM
Ceremony: 16th September 2015