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Colne Valley Cemetery

Renovation of Colne Valley Cemetery

30 September 2015

The cemetery, which is the final resting place of almost 50 servicemen of the First World War, has been subject to severe flooding over the past 20 years.

Development of a nearby industrial area has led to changes in the landscape which mean the cemetery now sits on lower ground to that which surrounds it.

Work will be carried out to raise the ground level of the cemetery.  All headstones and structural features will be dismantled and then reconstructed at the new level - ensuring as many original elements as possible are re-used.

Once work is complete the project will ensure that that the cemetery will remain accessible to visitors all year round.

Work is scheduled to begin on 5 October 2015, and to be completed by March 2016. The cemetery will not be accessible to visitors during this period.

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