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New Oak Gates for Memorial

12 February 2016

New oak gates were installed at Runnymede Air Forces MemorialĀ on February 4, 2016, after the previous gates were found to be in too poor a condition to be used.

The original gates, thought to have been there since the memorial was built in the 1950s, become too damaged to save, so last November, a survey was carried out by three independent joiners.

It was established the gates were beyond economical repair, but that new gates would be installed and be recreated into an exact replica of the original design, which is in keeping with the listed status of the site.

The construction company, PMS Oxford, were chosen to recreate the brand new set of gates, which do have the original metal work on them.

Parts of the original gates have been saved to keep in the CWGCs museum in its head office in Maidenhead.

The memorial commemorates by name more than 20,000 airmen who were lost in the Second World War and have no known graves.

They served in Bomber, Fighter, Coastal, Transport, Flying Training and Maintenance Commands, and came from all parts of the Commonwealth.

The memorial was designed by Sir Edward Maufe with sculpture by Vernon Hill. The engraved glass and painted ceilings were designed by John Hutton and the poem engraved on the gallery window was written by Paul H Scott. The Memorial was unveiled by The Queen on 17th October, 1953.

More information can be found here aboutĀ Runnymede Air Forces Memorial.