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CWGC Website

26 July 2016

We are migrating our website and moving hosting provider this week. The website will be moved to a cloud provider in order to provide a flexible model to accommodate spikes in traffic, reduce website downtime, increase performance and to rationalise future costs. This will ensure that the site remains accessible during busy periods.

We have implemented a number of minor changes as part of this activity, as follows:

  • Cemetery search - total now includes all casualties in each site
  • Casualty search - when sorting, records with blank fields will be at the end
  • Casualty search - a maximum of 10,000 records will be shown on screen. The download limit of 75,000 remains unchanged.
  • We have discontinued a number of old microsites


There may be times during the switch over where the website is not functioning as well as it could but please bear with us.