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Rededication Service in Germany

26 August 2016

A Rededication service will be held at 10:00 hours on Tuesday 13 September at Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany, for Sgt Arthur Pulman, 207 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

Sgt Pulman was the rear gunner of Lancaster EE 173 which failed to return from a raid on Berlin on the night of 30 Jan 1944. All the other crew bailed out successfully and became prisoners of war. After the war they told how Sgt Pulman had been killed during the night fighter attack that had brought the aircraft down. The Lancaster was salvaged from Lake Krumme Lanke in Berlin in 1970, but there was conflicting evidence which was not considered sufficient to identify him at the time and he was buried as an unknown airman. Having revisited the evidence from 1970 it has been concluded that the unknown airman can now be positively identified as Sgt Arthur Pulman. Following a media appeal in Liverpool, several members of his family have come forward and will be attending the ceremony on 13 Sept.

The service has been organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre and will be attending by British Defence staff, regimental representatives and local dignitaries.