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Remembering Faslane Submariners a century on

29 January 2017

A special ceremony was held on Sunday, January 29 at the CWGCs Faslane Cemetery, Garelochead, to honour 32 submariners who drowned 100 years ago in the tragic H.M.S K13 submarine sinking.

The event was organised by the Submariners Association and is held every year.

The steam-propelled submarine K13 sank in the Gareloch on January 29, 1917 after seawater entered her engine room during sea trials. All those in the engine room were killed.

There were 80 men in total on board that day - 53 crew, fourteen employees of a Govan ship builder, five Admiralty officials, a pilot and the captain and engineer of sister submarine K14. One of those who didn’t survive was 39-year-old Petty Officer, Frederick Porter, who is pictured above.

Captain of the vessel, Lieutenant Commander Godfrey Herbert and K14s captain, Commander Francis Goodhart, attempted to escape from the submarine, hoping to reach the surface in order to use their expert knowledge of the vessel to help the rescue.

The brave pair planned to use the space between the inner and outer hatches as an airlock, but only Herbert made it to the surface alive.

Goodhart sadly died after being struck on the head whilst escaping and was found trapped in the superstructure of the submarine.

The ordeal for those trapped in the forward section didn’t end until some 57-hours later when an airline was attached allowing the submarine to bring her bow to the surface. A hole was cut in the side of the vessel allowing the 48 survivors to be rescued.

K13 was raised from the Gareloch in March 1917 and returned to service as HMS K22.

During the event on Sunday, January 29, 2017, family members of those who died and Submariners from HM Naval Base Clyde gathered to pay their respects, along with CWGC representatives and the Submariners Association.

The group attended the service at Faslane Cemetery, Garelochead, adjacent to HM Naval Base Clyde, for a formal wreath laying ceremony. It ended with a march to the grave of Commander Goodhart.