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Annual Report

Annual Report 2014 - 2015


Annual Report details a year of progress and remembrance

The CWGC's 2014-2015 Annual Report details the many commemorations the CWGC has supported over the past 12 months, our innovative use of technology to remember the fallen, and our ongoing work to maintain the graves, cemeteries and memorials to the Commonwealth's 1.7 million war dead.

From marking the sacrifice of Indian servicemen at Neuve Chapelle in France during the First World War, to commemorating the Allied landings at Gallipoli in Turkey and the Second World War anniversaries for the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk, VE and VJ Days and the Battle of Britain, the Commission has been at the heart of a year of remembrance.

Underlying the commemorations has been a busy operational programme that has seen a memorial in Eritrea rebuilt, a new memorial in Lemnos completed and the largest Commonwealth war memorial in the world - at Thiepval in France - restored. Just some of the projects completed around the world by our dedicated staff.

The launch of new resources - our first App and Second World War archive documents online - make good use of technology to meet our core objective of commemorating the fallen.

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