Additional ideas

Many of you have been escorting school trips to the cemeteries for years and have built up a wealth of experience. We have had lots of generous offers to share tried and tested activities and ideas with others.

This section contains some of those contributions from teachers – some of which are exactly as they were sent, and some have been edited to make them more generally applicable.

A great example of a preparatory letter to parents

‘Adopting’ a soldier who shares your family name

The Accrington Pals at Railway Hollow Cemetery

‘Shot at Dawn’ soldiers at Poperinge, including the CWGC perspective

Talking about disclipine

Kinaesthetic learning at Newfoundland Memorial Park

Poetry exercise

We are so grateful for the support and enthusiasm, especially knowing how busy life as a teacher can be. If any of you have any ideas that are just a little bit different and would be willing to pass them on, there’s no shortage of willing recipients out there!

Contact us now.

We may not be able to use everything and there might be a delay in adding new items to the website, but be assured that your generosity will always be appreciated.