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DaisyWe’d love to hear about your own initiatives that show the positive side of school trips to Commonwealth War Grave Commission sites. We already know that this applies to 99% of the excursions. The trouble is, we generally only hear about the 1% where there has been an issue with other members of the public.

Tell us your good experiences so that the balance is redressed!

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Student reflections

A great-great-granddaughter remembers

School trip features in The Independent

Tom Pilston/The IndependentYour battlefield pilgrimage might be of great interest to your regional or even national media, especially around Remembrance time. Positive stories about young people's endeavours are much needed to redress the balance, so often weighted towards the disrespectful minority. Why don't you contact the press before you go?

Read how Stonyhurst's visit really struck the right chord with their students (the most relevant section is called Pilgrimage to the past: Somme visitors' stories 'Coming to the battlefields helps bring it alive for the children' and is at the bottom of the page).

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