The Battle of the Somme - The 12 Battles of the Somme (1 July - 18 November, 1916) - CWGC

Some of the first stretcher-borne wounded to reach an advanced dressing station on 1 July surrounded by curious onlookersClearing the wounded from No Man's Land after the first assaults of 1 July was a massive problem. Tragically many wounded lying between the lines were further injured or killed by German artillery barrages; those surviving suffered terribly through thirst and the pain of untreated wounds. On III Corps front the number of casualties was so great it was not until 3 July that they were got away. In some sections of the line (e.g. VIII Corps facing Beaumont-Hamel and VII Corps facing Gommecourt) informal temporary truces were agreed during which British and German parties removed the wounded.


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