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The Somme, 1st July 1916.

Fourth Army Order of Battle of Infantry and Pioneer Battalions (organised by Corps and Divisions from south to north of the British line of attack).

XIII Corps (Lieutenant-General W N Congreve VC). On the extreme right of the British line.

30th Division [New Army] (Major-General J S M Shea). Attacked next to the French infantry.

21st Brigade
18th King's (2nd Liverpool Pals) 2nd Wilts
19th Manchesters (4th Pals) 2nd Green Howards

89th Brigade
17th King's (1st Liverpool Pals) 20th King's (4th Liverpool Pals)
19th King's (3rd Liverpool Pals) 2nd Bedfords

90th Brigade
2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers 17th Manchesters (2nd Pals)
16th Manchesters (1st Pals) 18th Manchesters (3rd Pals)

Pioneers: 11th South Lancs

18th (Eastern) Division [New Army] (Major-General F I Maxse). Attacked towards Montauban.

53rd Brigade
8th Norfolks 10th Essex
6th Royal Berks 8th Suffolks

54th Brigade
11th Royal Fusiliers 6th Northamptons
7th Bedfords 12th Middlesex

55th Brigade
7th Queen's 8th East Surreys
7th Buffs 7th Royal West Kents

Pioneers: 8th Royal Sussex

[Note: the 9th Division was in reserve.]

XV Corps (Lieutenant-General H S Horne).

7th Division [RA] (Major-General H E Watts). Attacked the Fricourt salient.

20th Brigade
8th Devons 2nd Border
9th Devons 2nd Gordon Highlanders

22nd Brigade
2nd Royal Warwicks 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers
20th manchesters (5th Pals) 2nd Royal Irish

91st Brigade
2nd Queens 21st Manchesters (6th Pals)
1st South Staffs 22nd Manchesters (7th Pals)

Pioneers: 24th Manchesters (Oldham Pals)

17th (Northern) Division [New Army] (Major-General T D Pilcher).

50th Brigade
10th West Yorks 7th Green Howards
7th East Yorks 6th Dorsets

51st Brigade
7th Lincolns 8th South Staffs
7th Border 10th Sherwood Foresters

52nd Brigade
9th Northumberland Fusiliers 9th Duke of Wellington's
10th Lancashire Fusiliers 12th Manchesters

Pioneers: 7th York and Lancs

21st Division [New Army] (Major-General D G M Campbell).

62nd Brigade
12th Northumberland Fusiliers 1st Lincolns
13th Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Green Howards

63rd Brigade
8th Lincolns 4th Middlesex
8th Somerset Light Infantry 10th Yorks and Lancs

64th Brigade
9th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1st East Yorks
10th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 15th Durham Light Infantry

Pioneers: 14th Northumberland Fusiliers

III Corps (Lieutenant-General Sir W P Pulteney).

34th Division [New Army] (Major-General E C Ingouville-Williams). Attacked La Boisselle.

101st Brigade
15th Royal Scots (1st Edinburgh City) 10th Lincolns (Grimsby Chums)
16th Royal Scots (2nd Edinburgh City) 11th Suffolks (Cambridge)

102nd (Tyneside Scottish) Brigade
20th Northumberland Fusiliers (1st Tyneside Scottish) 22nd Northumberland Fusiliers (3rd Tyneside Scottish)
21st Northumberland Fusiliers (2nd Tyneside Scottish) 23rd Northumberland Fusiliers (4th Tyneside Scottish)

103rd (Tyneside Scottish) Brigade
24th Northumberland Fusiliers (1st Tyneside Irish) 26th Northumberland Fusiliers (3rd Tyneside Irish)
25th Northumberland Fusiliers (2nd Tyneside Irish) 27th Northumberland Fusiliers (4th Tyneside Irish)

Pioneers: 18th Northumberland Fusiliers

8th Division [Regular Army] (Major-General H Hudson). Attacked Ovillers.

23rd Brigade
2nd Devons 2nd Middlesex
2nd West Yorks 2nd Scottish Rifles

25th Brigade
2nd Lincolns 1st Royal Irish Rifles
2nd Royal Berks 2nd Rifle Brigade

70th Brigade
11th Sherwood Foresters 8th Yorks and Lancs
8th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 9th Yorks and Lancs

Pioneers: 22nd Durham Light Infantry

19th (Western Division [New Army] (Major-General G T M Bridges). In reserve.

56th Brigade
7th King's Own 7th South Lancs
7th East Lancs 7th Loyal North Lancs

57th Brigade
10th Royal Warwicks 10th Worcesters
8th Gloucesters 8th North Staffs

58th Brigade
9th Cheshires 9th Welch
9th Royal Welch Fusiliers 6th Wilts

Pioneers: 5th South Wales Borderers

X Corps (Lieutenant-General Sir T L N Morland). Attacked Thiepval

32nd Division [New Army] (Major-General W H Rycroft).

14th Brigade
19th Lancs Fusiliers (3rd Salford Pals) 2nd Manchesters
1st Dorsets 15th highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Tramways)

96th Brigade
16th Northumberland Fusiliers (Newcastle Commercials) 15th Lancs Fusiliers (1st Salford Pals)
2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 16th Lancs Fusiliers (2nd Salford Pals)

97th Brigade
11th Border (The Lonsdales) 16th Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Boys' Brigade)
2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 17th Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Commercials)

Pioneers: 17th Northumberland Fusiliers (Newcastle Railway Pals)

36th (Ulster) Division [New Army] (Major-General O S W Nugent). Attacked Thiepval

107th Brigade
8th Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast) 10th Royal Irish Rifles (South Belfast)
9th Royal Irish Rifles (West Belfast) 15th Royal Irish Rifles (North Belfast)

108th Brigade
11th Royal Irish Rifles (South Antrim) 13th Royal Irish Rifles (Co Down)
12th Royal Irish Rifles (Central Antrim) 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers (Co Armagh, Monaghan & Cavan)

109th Brigade
9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Co Tyrone) 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Donegal & Fermanagh)
10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Co Derry) 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Belfast Young Citizens)

Pioneers: 16th Royal Irish Rifles (2nd Co Down)

49th (West Riding) Division [Territorial Force] (Major-General E M Perceval).

146th Brigade
1/5th West Yorks 1/7th West Yorks
1/6th West Yorks 1/8th West Yorks

147th Brigade
1/4th Duke of Wellington's 1/6th Duke of Wellington's
1/5th Duke of Wellington's 1/7th Duke of Wellington's

148th Brigade
1/4th Yorks and Lancs 1/4th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1/5th Yorks and Lancs 1/5th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Pioneers: 1/3rd Monmouths

VIII Corps (Lieutenant-General A G Hunter-Weston). Attack on Beaumont Hamel and Serre

29th Division [Regular Army] (Major-General H de B de Lisle). Attack on Beaumont Hamel.

86th Brigade
2nd Royal Fusiliers 16th Middlesex (Public Schools Battalion)
1st Lancs Fusiliers 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers

87th Brigade
2nd South Wales Borderers 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
1st king's Own Scottish Borderers 1st Border

88th Brigade
1st Essex 4th Worcesters
1st Newfoundland 2nd Hampshire

Pioneers: 1/2nd Monmouths

31st Division [New Army] (Major-General R Wanless O'Gowan). Attack on Serre.

92nd Brigade
10th East Yorks (Hull Commercials) 12th East Yorks (Hull Sportsmen)
11th East Yorks (Hull Tradesmen) 13th East Yorks (T'Others)

93rd Brigade
15th West Yorks (Leeds Pals) 18th West Yorks (2nd Bradford Pals)
16th West Yorks (1st Bradford Pals) 18th Durham Light Infantry (Durham Pals)

94th Brigade
11th East Lancs (Accrington Pals) 13th Yorks and Lancs (1st Barnsley Pals)
12th York and Lancs (Sheffield City Battalion) 14th Yorks and Lancs (2nd Barnsley Pals)

Pioneers: 12th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

48th (South Midland) Division [Territorial Force] (Major-General R Fanshawe).

143rd Brigade
1/5th Royal Warwicks 1/7th Royal Warwicks
1/6th Royal Warwicks 1/8th Royal Warwicks

144th Brigade
1/4th Gloucesters 1/7th Gloucesters
1/6th Gloucesters 1/8th Gloucesters

145th Brigade
1/5th Gloucesters 1st Bucks (Ox and Bucks Light Infantry
1/4th Ox and Bucks Light Infantry 1/4th Royal Berks

Pioneers: 1/5th Royal Sussex


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