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Troops move up to support the attack at Ginchy on 9 September The Wiltshire Regiment waving their helmets as they march along the Acheux Road to the trenches on 28 June 7 Division assault battalions advance to the German trenches at Mametz at 7.30am on 1 July. A shrapnel burst can be seen in the top right British artillery bombard the German trenches immediately prior to the attack on Beaumont-Hamel, 1 July Men of the Wiltshire Regiment advancing to the attack through the wire, Thiepval A patrol crawling forward during the attack on Beaumont-Hamel. The slope of the defending hill is clearly visible Stretcher bearers tending wounded men in the 29 Division area on the morning of 1 July
A working party wearing waterproofs and waders and carrying shovels about to start off in the rain near St Pierre Divion Still from "The Battle of the Somme". Scene entitled, "British Tommies rescuing a comrade under shell fire..." Some of the first stretcher-borne wounded to reach an advanced dressing station on 1 July surrounded by curious onlookers The massed ranks of the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers at Mailly-Maillet before the Battle of the Somme A roll call of the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers in the trenches on the afternoon of 1 July A Lewis light machine-gun in a front line trench near Ovillers British troops in the entrance to a German dugout in Dantzig Alley trench in Fricourt, July
A dump of 18pdr shells used during the bombing of Fricourt. Extraordinary quantities of ammunition were used in the successive bombardments A ration party of the Royal Irish Rifles resting in a communication trench early in the battle A piper of the 8th Black Watch leads four men of the 26th Brigade back from the trenches after an attack at Longueval on 14 July A 12" howitzer, its shell daubed "for Fritz", preparing for action near Aveluy Wood Ammunition limbers of the 35th Field Battery, Royal Field Artillery, passing a corner of the shattered Delville Wood An 18 pdr gun, its crew stripped to the waist in the sunshine, putting over curtain fire from Carnoy Valley, 30 July A sentry crouches on the fire step while his comrades rest but with weapons at the ready. A Company, 11 Cheshires, Ovillers, July.

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