Western Front 1918: The German Offensives

Rosières: 'dismissal' note

Lieutenant General Sir Hubert Gough, who commanded the British Reserve Army (later renamed Fifth) [during the battleof the Somme]Between 5 and 6pm, in the midst of his preparations for a British counter-attack against Lamotte (by 61st Division and 1st Cavalry Division) 'the Military Secretary, Major-General H G Ruggles-Brise arrived at his [Gough's] headquarters. He came to inform him that it had been decided that he and his Staff required rest and that General Sir H Rawlinson...would arrive next day to supersede him. The Chief of the Imperial General Staff, with the approval of the Government, had chosen to regard General Gough as responsible for the British retirement, which was in their eyes a grave disaster, and ordered his removal from command of the Fifth Army.' (‘Military Operations. France and Belgium, 1918’ (Volume II), compiled by Brigadier-General Sir James E Edmonds, London, Macmillan, 1937, pp.27-28).


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