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The Battle of the Somme (1 July - 18 November 1916) in fact comprised some twelve separate and officially recognised battles:

Battle of Albert, 1-13 July 1916

Battle of Bazentin Ridge, 14-17 July 1916

Battle of Delville Wood, 15 July-3 September 1916

Battle of Pozières Ridge, 23 July-3 September 1916 (includes the fighting for  Mouquet Farm)

Battle of Guillemont, 3-6 September 1916

Battle of Ginchy, 9 September 1916

Battle of Flers-Courcelette, 15-22 September (includes the capture of Martinpuich)

Battle of Morval, 25-28 September 1916 (includes the capture of Combles, Lesboeufs and Gueudecourt)

Battle of Thiepval Ridge, 25-28 September 1916

Battle of Le Transloy, 1-18 October 1916 (includes the capture of Eaucourt L'Abbaye and Le Sars, and attacks on the Butte de Warlencourt)

Battle of the Ancre Heights, 1 October-11 November 1916 (includes the capture of Schwaben and Stuff Redoubts and Regina Trench)

Battle of the Ancre, 13-18 November 1916 (includes capture of Beaumont-Hamel)

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