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The consequence for General Gough's Reserve Army of Haig's determination to continue with offensive operations into the autumn was a commitment to a large scale attack, provisionally scheduled for 12 October, to coincide with major assaults by Fourth Army. GHQ's instructions of 29 September detailed the Reserve Army's contribution and objectives as follows: "a northward attack from Thiepval Ridge through Irles to Miraumont and an eastward attack from the Beaumont-Hamel - Hebuterne front towards Puisieux, the right to meet the southern advance at Miraumont, cutting off any German forces still holding out in the valley of the upper Ancre." 'Military Operations. France and Belgium, 1916', Vol II, compiled by Captain Wilfrid Miles, 1938, p.427. The deteriorating weather in October and November subjected plans for this big attack to many modifications and repeated postponements. 

Note that the Reserve Army was renamed as the Fifth Army at the end of October 1916.

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