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Stuff Redoubt, due east of the Schwaben Redoubt, was just one of a group of formidable German field fortifications located in the area north of Thiepval, protecting the crest of the ridge. A limited British footing in the redoubt had been established on 27 September but it had subsequently proved impossible to drive out the remaining defenders. The 10th Cheshires (25th Division) stormed the northern face of the stronghold in the early afternoon of 9 October; first objectives were reached at 12.42 pm; the entire position was ultimately captured resulting in four German officers and 123 other ranks taken prisoner. On the afternoon of 14 October the 8th Loyal North Lancs (who had relieved the 10th Cheshires) secured a position called 'The Mounds' (to the north of Stuff Redoubt) which had good observation over Grandcourt.

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