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A vivid description of the fighting for, and conditions in, Stuff trench during the period of its capture (21- 22 October 1916), was provided by Edmund Blunden in his classic memoir, 'Undertones of War' (London, Cobden and Sanderson, 1930 edition; pp.125-133). Blunden's densely wrought detailed account of the 11th Royal Sussex's experiences admirably complements (to great contrasting effect) the terse summary of his unit's activities given in the Official History: "..but the 11/R. Sussex, in the centre, and a company of the 14/Hampshire, on the left, accomplished their task without much trouble." 'Military Operations. France and Belgium, 1916', Vol II, Captain Wilfrid Miles, 1938, p.464.

Note that following the death of Rudyard Kipling in 1936, Blunden accepted (albeit initially reluctantly) the position of literary adviser to the Imperial War Graves Commission.

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