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The Battle of Pozières Ridge is the official name for the military operations which took place between 23 July and 3 September 1916, in the area from Bazentin-le-Petit to Contalmaison and onwards north-west towards the River Ancre. It included the many 'subsidiary' attacks towards Munster Alley (to the south-east of Pozières), High Wood, Guillemont and Delville Wood undertaken by the Fourth Army. Failure to breach the German line on 23 July (and gain the Thiepval-Ginchy ridge) resulted in a series of costly small scale attacks which were intended to win local tactical advantages and adjust the British line the better to launch the next large scale offensive. The broader tactical benefits implicit in some of these dismal operations were not always apparent to the actual participants. The bitter fighting exemplified the remorseless and exhausting nature of attritional warfare.

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