The Ypres Salient - CWGC

The Frezenberg Ridge comprised a spur of higher land, running roughly from the north-west to south-east, just under three miles motor machine-gun unit, the Bluff, Ypres, March 1915to the east of Ypres. The open positions held by the British on the forward slopes of the Ridge (affording excellent observation towards the east) were deemed to be too important to be relinquished and the occupying troops were encouraged by the Commander of V Corps (Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Plumer) 'to hang on tenaciously'. The fighting between 8-13 May witnessed innumerable heroic attempts by British troops to carry out to the letter the essence of this simply stated policy. But the capture of the position was unarguably desirable from the German perspective; its occupation would allow an opportunity for an even more accurate and potentially devastating artillery registration of Ypres and all the converging roads running in, through and out of the city.


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