The Ypres Salient - CWGC

These included the tragic late morning advance of 12th London Regiment (Rangers), in support of the beleaguered 84th Brigade, and the Men of the Royal West Kents,front line trench near Ypres, April 1915larger assault of battalions of 85th Brigade in the afternoon and evening of 8 May. The depleted Rangers (barely 200 rifles at the outset) suffered severe casualties on their long approach towards the Ridge and endured devastating shellfire as they reached the crest. Some few survivors made it to the firing line where they held on until around 6pm. That evening's roll call for the battalion was answered by only 53 men.

85th Brigade units repeatedly attempted to close with the Germans (dug-in on the 'gap' recently established in the British line) but were time and again cut down by accurate artillery and smallarms fire.


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