The Ypres Salient - CWGC

Cameronians in reserve dugouts, the Bluff, Ypres, March 1915The 7th Cavalry Brigade, occupying most inadequate trenches behind Verlorenhoek, formed part of the 'Cavalry Force' which had relieved the weary and much depleted infantry of 28th Division during the night of 12/13 May. (Note that the 28th Division lost more than 15,000 men - killed, wounded and missing - during the period 22 April to 13 May). The 7th Cavalry Brigade's desperate situation on 13 May was much aided by a counter-attack carried out in the afternoon by 8th Cavalry Brigade supported by part of 9th Cavalry Brigade and assisted by the remnants of the Leicestershire Yeomanry. It proved impossible to re-occupy the original 'trench' line and a newly established 'shell-hole line' was occupied, a thousand yards to rear. No further advance was attempted by the Germans that day.


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