The Ypres Salient - CWGC

V Corps front extended around five-and-a-half miles from near Hill 60 in the south to the flank of French forces close to Turco Farm in the north. 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders with first respirators, March-June 1915The disposal of British forces (south to north) was as follows: 83rd Brigade; 1st Cavalry Division (1st and 2nd Cavalry Brigades astride the Menin road, east of Hooge); 85th Brigade occupied roughly the centre of the front (across the railway line and up to Ypres-Zonnebeke road); 10th Brigade covered Wieltje up to Mouse Trap Farm; 12th Brigade held the line as it curved west to Turco Farm. Heavy rain in the period 14-24 May had made trench repairs and living conditions for frontline troops exceptionally difficult, but these days also saw improvements in British anti-gas precautions. The first flannel bag gas helmets with eye-pieces were issued (at first only to specialist troops such as machine-gunners) and vermoral sprayers (based on hand-operated weed sprayers used by gardeners) were employed to neutralise residual traces of lingering chlorine gas in trenches.


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