The Ypres Salient - CWGC

Dugouts, Blaeupoort Farm, Ypres April 1915Located half-a-mile north of Wieltje, originally a moated farm with outbuildings. It was first given the name 'Shell Trap Farm' by the British. The unhappy associations of this designation were held to be detrimental to the garrison's morale and the position was subsequently re-named by the Staff as 'Mouse Trap Farm'. On the morning of the attack on 24 May 1915 what was left of the farm after the bombardment ('a mere heap of mud and rubbish') was defended by two platoons of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers; being a mere 30 yards from the enemy trenches the rapid occupation of the farm by the quick-moving German infantry was little short of inevitable. (In the previous month's fighting Mouse Trap Farm had provided a location for the 3rd Canadian Brigade's Head Quarters which was shelled and burnt down on the afternoon of 25 April 1915.)


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