The Ypres Salient - CWGC

The attack of 10 August 1917 represented Gough’s response to Haig’s oft-repeated reminders for the prior need to secure the right flank of the main northward offensive by dislodging the Germans from their firmly established positions on the Gheluvelt Plateau. This action (intended to secure objectives not gained in the original 31 July battle) was spearheaded by 18th (Eastern) Division, supported on the left by the 25th Division. The attacking troops were subject to intense shelling as they went over, 25th Division made early progress and occupied Westhoek; 18th Division's 54th Brigade got into Glencorse Wood, but 55th Brigade was severely held up in Inverness Copse; the assault battalions were isolated from reinforcements and supplies by accurate German shelling and in the afternoon enemy counter-attacks recovered most of the British gains. Despite many British casualties this major assault accomplished merely the occupation of Westhoek and an advance of around 450 yards to the north and south of that village.


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