The Ypres Salient - CWGC

Fifth Army's battle frontage ran (from south to north) from just south of the Menin Road (opposite Inverness Copse) northwards past Westhoek through St Julien to north-west of Langemarck. Artillery telephonists passing messages from forward observation officers close to the front line near LangemarckBritish formations in the line of battle comprised (from right to left, south to north): II Corps (8th and 56th Divisions) - again to assault the unconquered Gheluvelt Plateau, with 56th Division on the extreme right to move though Inverness Copse and Glencorse Wood, 8th Division to cross the valley of the Hanebeek towards Anzac Farm (and other fortified positions in front of the German third line). XIX Corps (16th and 36th Divisions) to assault the Anzac and Zonnebeke Spurs, the bare slopes east of the flooded Hanebeek and Steenbeek streams and take the belt of strong and heavily fortified German positions near the crest (including Borry Farm, Iberian Farm, Gallipoli and Somme Farms). XVIII Corps (48th and 11th Divisions) - to assault north-east from St Julien the many undestroyed fortified German positions; XIV Corps (20th and 29th Divisions) to attack towards Langemarck, supported on the left flank by an advance of units of the French First Army, assisted by high concentrations of French artillery.


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