The Ypres Salient - CWGC

Battle of Menin Road Ridge: Australians in their support trench on the evening before the battleGough remorselessly persisted in pushing ahead with small scale operations which aimed to regain ground lost on the 31 July. These ferocious and bloody local actions (notably against the complex of mutually supporting strongpoints and fortified farms on the St Julien spur), in which little progress was made, were in fact continued until early September before Haig intervened to end them. Some historians have argued that in these 'wasteful and unrewarding' ventures the British Army's 'morale' fell to its lowest point in the entire war. (‘The British Divisions at Third Ypres’, John Lee, in ‘Passchendaele in Perspective. The Third Battle of Ypres’, edited by Peter H Liddle, London, Pen & Sword (Leo Cooper), 1997, pp.217-219).


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