The Ypres Salient - CWGC

On the 8,500 yard front of attack British forces were disposed as follows (right to left): flank protection at the southern extremity of the fighting line was provided by the 39th Division who were tasked with securing the difficult Tower Hamlets sector.

Men of the West Yorkshires sitting in a captured German pillbox waiting to go into action Immediately to the left (south of Polygon Wood) 33rd Division was to support I Anzac Corps attack, but as a consequence of the damage wrought by the German attack of 25 September Plumer significantly reduced the distance of their projected advance. I Anzac Corps (5th and 4th Australian Divisions) was to complete the capture of Polygon Wood and areas of the Plateau to its north. On the left of the Australians Fifth Army's V Corps (3rd and 59th Divisions) were to take Zonnebeke village and the uplands to the north (London Spur).

On the extreme left, XVIII Corps (58th Division) was to secure the northern flank of the offensive. The near five mile attack frontage was significantly narrower than that for the Menin Road Ridge battle; it was also to be correspondingly shallower in depth of advance. This more restricted scope reflected difficulties in getting the number of artillery batteries forward in the face of unsubdued German defensive fire.


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