The Ypres Salient - CWGC

The main attack encountered particular problems in the extreme south and north of the line. In the south 39th Division advancing across boggy ground (which hindered A machine gun company's anti-aircraft outpost in a shallow hole in desolate ground at Nonne Bosschenthe useful activities of the designated tank support) failed to take the Tower Hamlets spur, an important observation area with commanding views over the southern slopes of the Gheluvelt Plateau. Not for the first time the heavily defended locality named 'The Quadrilateral’ immediately to the south proved an impossible obstacle. Though small numbers of British troops got into this position it remained by the end of the day firmly in German hands.

In the centre of the attack heavy mist caused some confusion to 8th Brigade (3rd Division), who were held up by heavy machine-gun fire at the base of Hill 40, around 600 yards short of their objective. Again, in the north, the dense mist meant that elements of the flank support offered by 58th Division lost the barrage and made only small progress.


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