The Ypres Salient - CWGC

A soldier running along a corduroy track in Chateau WoodPasschendaele, seven miles north-east by east of Ypres, occupied a position on one of the highest points of ground on the main ridge  - around 150 feet above sea level. Proving an irresistible final goal and prize to the British High Command, the village involuntarily yielded up its name as an informal and highly evocative alternative title for the entire 'Third Ypres' campaign. By October 1917 the village was nothing more than a series of anonymous ruins, 'scarcely more than a brick-coloured stain on the watery landscape.’ (‘The Great War 1914-1918’, John Terraine, London, Hutchinson, 1965, p.314). Reconstructed after its obliteration, the name 'Passchendaele' now effectively merges geographic location with historical tragedy.


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