The Ypres Salient - CWGC

Four men of  the 4th Coldstream Guards perched on a wrecked gun outside a German concrete blockhouseFifth Army's support for the main attack varied in its success; immediately to the left of II Anzac Corps, men of the 9th (Scottish) Division suffered terribly in their difficult advance through the mud on to the ridge next to the New Zealand Division, and 18th (Eastern) Division lost heavily to concentrated German machine-gun fire from positions around Poelcappelle. Only on the extreme left (north) of the battleline, where the British barrage was more effective, was progress made; here the 4th and 17th Divisions battled their way forward north-eastwards along the line of the Ypres-Staden railway (17th (Northern) Division actually pushed significantly beyond its set objective). The Guards Division repeated their efficient progress of 9 October and succeeded once more in gaining their final objective on the edge of the Houthulst Forest.


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