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As part of the continuing controversy about 'Third Ypres' stated casualty figures for the First Battle of Passchendaele vary according to sources consulted. Stretcher bearers bringing in a wounded man over muddy ground at PasschendaeleModern research inclines towards the overall figure of around 13,000 (see 'Passchendaele: the Untold Story', Robin Prior & Trevor Wilson, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2002, p.169). The British Official Historian, often accused of 'massaging' figures provided a higher total figure of 15,429 based upon the following breakdown: Second Army casualties (officers and other ranks) for 12 October 1917 - 9,471 killed, wounded and missing; (this figure includes 2,635 for the New Zealand Division, 3,199 for the 3rd Australian Division and 1,018 casualties for the 4th Australian Division). Fifth Army casualties (officers and other ranks) - 5,958 killed, wounded and missing. (‘Military Operations. France and Belgium, 1917’ (Volume II), compiled by Brigadier-General Sir James E Edmonds, London, HMSO, 1948, pp.364-365 and '‘The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1917’, C E W Bean, Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1941, p.928, n.87).

The First Battle of Passchendaele represented the last large scale involvement of Australian troops in the Third Ypres fighting by the end of which the five Australian Divisions had incurred over 38,000 casualties.


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