The Ypres Salient - CWGC

The view along the Ypres-Menin Road looking towards Hatte, otherwise known as Hellfire Corner.German plans for the final phase of the offensive took into account the availability of a new Army detachment of two Corps under General von Linsingen which took over the Menin Road sector, with Fabeck’s forces to the south. The overall commander, Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria, authorised 'a decisive attack' to be made by Fabeck, Linsingen and XXVIII Reserve Corps forces (a total of twelve-and-a-half divisions) on a front just less than nine miles between Messines, in the south, and Reutel (opposite Polygon Wood) in the centre.

This large scale breakthrough attack was planned to take place on 10 November and indeed a powerful German offensive took place that day - but north of Ypres against French and Belgian forces around Dixmude. This northerly attack had originally been intended to coincide with a simultaneous move on Ypres and the entire southern sector of the salient but, as Linsingen's attacking force was not properly in place by 10 November, the 'left-hand blow' was delayed until the following morning.


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