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Privacy Information when using our Website and Services

Privacy Information when using our Website and Services

As part of our commitment to keep you informed about how your personal data is used, we have outlined the various functions and services that support our website, so you know the parties which have access to your personal data and why.


The Website

The website is hosted by Enjoy Digital. To provide the website hosting services Enjoy Digital may have access to contact information, including email addresses, demographic data, preferences, interests, customer surveys and IP addresses.

Enjoy Digital Privacy Notice


Website Search Function


Our website search is powered by Microsoft Azure Elastic Search and delivered via our website platform utilizing Umbraco. Search queries, results and user journeys are logged anonymously within Umbraco to help us improve our website and search functionality. Unless you are logged into a Supporters account, no user-identifiable data is collected by either the CWGC or any third party.


Microsoft Azure Privacy Policy


Mailing List and Newsletters


We use Sitecore to collect email addresses for those people who want to stay in touch with the CWGC. We use a third party tool, MailChimp, to send all of our mailings and newsletters, complying with the consents provided to us at the time of signing up. All of our mailings include the option to unsubscribe and/or manage individual preference settings and we always respect the decision of users who unsubscribe.


MailChimp Privacy Notice


We use our website for e-Commerce for selling products as well as receiving donations and people signing up for the Supporters scheme. We use PayPal as our payment provider and no credit card data is stored on CWGC’s servers or systems. We do obtain and store personal data necessary to fulfil the business process of shipping products or maintaining relevant records concerning membership. We use third party fulfilment agents for shipping products and we only share with them the information necessary to be able to ship purchased items. We share information with HMRC as legally required where donations are made and we receive a completed gift aid form.


PayPal Privacy Notice

HMRC Privacy Notice


Security and Performance


We use third party tools from Google to support analysis of website traffic and performance. We regularly test our website to maintain security, but no personal data is collected as part of this process. We use CrazyEgg to track user journeys on the website. This is anonymous data in that we can watch a specific journey but no personal data is visible.


Google Tag Manager is used to supply CrazyEgg, Facebook Pixel and Twitter Pixel to every page of the website. Facebook and Twitter Pixel capture individuals details whose demographics and interests are similar to those of our existing audience for marketing purposes.


Crazy Egg Privacy Notice

Facebook Pixel Privacy Notice

Twitter Pixel Privacy Notice



The Blog, Microsites and Crowd Sourcing


We use a third party service,, to publish our blog and microsites and to support our crowd sourcing activities. Service do not collect personal information beyond that necessary to provide the crowd sourcing service. Some of the personal data may be in an audio format where individuals’ stories of events are captured, or visual images submitted by the individual which will be hosted and stored on the website.

More information can be found in the individual Privacy Notices for these specific collections of Data:

  • Shrouds of the Somme
  • Stories from Malta
  • Liberation
  • Voices from the Trenches

These are hosted by and we use Google Analytics to monitor the use and performance of the site.

Square Space Privacy Notice

Stackla Privacy Notice

Google Analytics Privacy Notice



People who Contact us via Social Media


We use a third party provider, Hootsuite to manage our social media interactions. If you send us a private or direct message via social media the message will be stored by Hootsuite in accordance with our retention policies.


Hootsuite Privacy Policy


People who contact our Enquiries Team


We use a third party product,, to manage our enquiries service. All incoming enquiries, whether on paper, email or telephone are stored on the system and retained in accordance with our retention policies. When you call we collect Calling Line Identification (CLI) information to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service we provide.


Salesforce Privacy Notice


Please check back regularly for updates to this list.