Country Iran
Total identified casualties 3580 Find these records
Casualties from First World War
GPS Coordinates Latitude: 35.77666
Longitude: 51.43889

Location Information

Tehran War Cemetery is located on the southern edge of the British Embassy’s Gholhak compound in north Tehran. The cemetery is maintained by our member of staff based in Tehran. The cemetery can be accessed by pressing the bell at the cemetery entrance at 34, Dowlat Street. Dowlat Street has been renumbered and renamed so that technically the cemetery’s address is now 493, Kolah Dooz. However, these changes are not yet reflected in most local/online maps, or on street signs. The cemetery’s entrance is opposite the “Azam Gholhak Mosque”, approximately 400 metres north east of the Gholhak Metro Station. The Tehran Memorial commemorates casualties of the Indian, United Kingdom and New Zealand Forces who lost their lives during the campaign in Iran (formerly known as Persia) and who have no known grave. It also commemorates some of those who died in the neighbouring regions of Russia whose graves are unknown or unmaintainable. The Memorial comprises six free-standing memorial walls, three on each side of the central avenue leading to the Cross of Sacrifice. Between the two groups of memorial walls is a central feature bearing the inscription: 1914-1918 - 1939-1945 IN THIS CEMETERY ARE THE GRAVES OF FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE COMMONWEALTH SAILORS, SOLDIERS AND AIRMEN AND ONE NURSING SISTER WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN IRAN DURING THE TWO WORLD WARS. THE NAMES OF THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY OF THEIR COMRADES WHO DIED IN IRAN AND IN NEIGHBOURING LANDS DURING THE WAR OF 1914-1918 AND WHO HAVE NO KNOWN GRAVE ARE INSCRIBED ON THESE MONUMENTS

Visiting Information

Tehran Memorial is situated within Tehran War Cemetery. The cemetery is located within the locked British Embassy residential compound in Tehran. The opening hours of the cemetery are as follows: Saturday – Wednesday 07:30-15:15 Thursday 07:30-13:15.



Location: Iran,

Number of casualties: 603


Location: Azerbaijan,

Number of casualties: 47


Location: Iraq,

Number of casualties: 4633