Country Pakistan
Total identified casualties 575 Find these records
Casualties from First World War
GPS Coordinates Latitude: 24.89434
Longitude: 67.0912

Please bear the following in mind when considering visiting this cemetery:
It is important to check the weather forecast and avoid visiting between May and September, due to the intense heat.
Mosquitoes carry Malaria and Dengue Fever. Please take appropriate precautions.
The Cemetery is located on the busy road to the Airport. Due to building work outside our control, the available parking at the Cemetery is now considerably lower than the level of the main road.
There are steps either side of the Memorial entrance and near the Cross of Sacrifice.

Location Information

Karachi War Cemetery lies a few miles from the centre of Karachi, to the north-east on National Stadium Road and can be reached by taxi. It is now surrounded by the naval colony and is adjacent to the new naval cemetery. The easiest way to reach the War Cemetery from the city centre is to go the the National Stadium and follow the road leading to Dalmia in which the airport is situated. From the airport follow the reverse road from Dalmia to the National Stadium and the Cemetery is situated to the left hand side of National Stadium Road. Owing to constant problems the direction signs have been removed but attempts will be made at resiting them.

Visiting Information

Karachi War Cemetery is open Monday-Thursday and Saturday 08:00-17:00 and Friday 08:00-12:00.

History Information

Karachi, formerly the capital of the Republic of Pakistan, is the country's only sea port and the main gateway for its trade. It is also the maritime terminus of the Pakistan Railway and its airport, situated on one of the trunk air routes of the world, gives it considerable additional importance. The city lies at the extreme western end of the delta of the Indus, on a backwater protected by a high rocky headland. To the north is dry, hilly country, while to the south creeks and mangrove swamps stretch to the sea. The War Cemetery was created by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to receive the graves from a number of civil and cantonment cemeteries scattered through the north of Pakistan and the tribal areas, where their permanent maintenance was not possible. The imposing entrance of honey-coloured stone, quarried at Jungshai, near Hyderabad, is one part of a dual memorial the other part being in Delhi, to 25,000 men of the army and air forces of undivided India who died during the 1939-1945 War while on service in nonoperational zones. The 1914-1918 Memorial is located at the rear of the cemetery opposite the entrance feature and it commemorates 575 Commonwealth casualties. Initially the memorial was designed to commemorate those who served in garrisons and died in Pakistan (formerly part of India) during the 1914-1918 War and who lie buried in civil and cantonment cemeteries there, excluding those graves lying west of the river Indus who it was decided would be commemorated on the Delhi Memorial (India Gate). However, due to difficulties in adding to the Delhi Memorial (India Gate) in recent years, some casualties who are known to have been buried in sites* west of the river Indus have subsequently been added to this memorial instead. The cemeteries in which they lie buried, and which have since been found impossible to maintain adequately, are as follows : ABBOTTABAD CEMETERY ATTOCK NEW CEMETERY CAMPBELLPORE CEMETERY GHARIAL CEMETERY GHORA DAKKA NEW CEMETERY HYDERABAD NEW CEMETERY (SIND) JHELUM CEMETERY KALABAGH CEMETERY KARACHI CHRISTIAN CEMETERY* KARACHI (MANORA) CEMETERY* KULDANA NEW CEMETERY LAHORE CANTONMENT NORTH CEMETERY LAHORE CANTONMENT SOUTH CEMETERY LAHORE (TAXALI GATE) CEMETERY LYALLPUR EUROPEAN CEMETERY MARI-INDUS RAILWAY CEMETERY MIANWALI CEMETERY MULTAN CANTONMENT CEMETERY MURREE NEW CEMETERY MURREE OLD CEMETERY PESHAWAR RIGHT BRITISH CEMETERY* QUETTA GOVERNMENT CEMETERY* RAWALPINDI (WEST RIDGE) CEMETERY RISALPUR CEMETERY SIALKOT EAST CEMETERY SIALKOT WEST CEMETERY SRINAGAR (SHEIKH BAGH) CEMETERY UPPER BHARIAN CEMETERY UPPER TOPA NEW CEMETERY



Location: Pakistan,

Number of casualties:


Location: Pakistan,

Number of casualties: 642


Location: India,

Number of casualties: 4