Country Cyprus
Total identified casualties 58 Find these records
Casualties from Second World War
GPS Coordinates Latitude: 35.17378
Longitude: 33.3144

Visiting Information

This memorial stands in Nicosia War Cemetery which is situated within the UN Buffer Zone some 4 kms west of the city of Nicosia. Access to both the war and military cemeteries is possible from either side of the island. Visitors from the north will have to be in possession of a valid EU passport. Visitors require permission to enter the cemeteries and a United Nations escort is necessary. This will normally be provided by a British soldier serving with the UN contingent, visits usually being restricted to between 09.00 and 12.00 Mondays to Fridays. Visitors should be aware however, that for military reasons it is not always possible to provide a guide and in such circumstances, access to the site will not be possible. Visitors should therefore provide as much notice as possible. All enquiries concerning visits should be made at the Defence Section at the British High Commission, Nicosia, by one of the following methods: E-mail: Post: Defence Section, British High Commission, Alexander Pallis Street, PO Box 21987, Nicosia, Cyprus or, from the UK only using: Defence Section. British High Commission, Nicosia, BFPO 567 Telephone: +357 22 861 320/1 Please note that photographs are limited to discreet ones of headstones only owing to the sensitivities of the area. Details for the C.W.G.C. Honorary Supervisor are given below: The Honorary Supervisor C.W.G.C. c/o British High Commission Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: 00 357 22861313/14 E-mail: For further information and enquiries please contact

History Information

The CYPRUS (NICOSIA) MEMORIAL commemorates the officers and men of the Cyprus Regiment and the Cyprus Volunteer Force who died in Cyprus during the Second World War and were buried in village cemeteries in various parts of the island. Some lie in family or collective graves where it was not possible to commemorate them with the usual Commission headstone.



Location: Cyprus,

Number of casualties: 219


Location: Cyprus,

Number of casualties: 590


Location: Cyprus,

Number of casualties: 73