Country Gibraltar
Total identified casualties 98 Find these records
Casualties from First & Second World War
GPS Coordinates Latitude: 36.14883
Longitude: -5.349

Location Information

The Gibraltar Memorial stands in a triangular site, close to the sea, west of Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery (also known as Garrison Cemetery), which is located next to the airport on the low peninsula between the "Devil's Tower" and the Neutral Ground. The easiest way to reach the memorial from North Mole is to head towards the airport and the memorial is located to the right, immediately before you reach the runway. Address: Cross of Sacrifice - Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar, GPS Co-ordinates: 36.150697, -5.348797

Visiting Information

It has become necessary to lock the memorial site in the evenings. Therefore, the memorial site is kept locked outside normal working hours which are: Winter: 09:00 to 17:30 (Monday to Friday) Summer: 09:00 to 15:30 (Monday to Friday)

History Information

The Memorial commemorates, by name, 91 airmen and soldiers who died during the 1939-45 War who were buried at sea. To these names have been added those of seven soldiers of the 1914-1918 War, lost when the S.S. "Woodfield" was captured and sunk by a submarine on 3rd November 1915, forty miles east-south-east of Ceuta (they were originally commemorated on a small memorial in North Front Cemetery). The Gibraltar Memorial stands together with the Cross of Sacrifice. From behind the Cross, which is of Cornish granite, steps lead up to the memorial. It consists of screen walls of local limestone carrying panels of Cornish granite (matching the Cross), upon which the names are carved. They are linked by paved paths and kerbs to a central panel of the same granite bearing the following dedicatory inscription: 1914-1918 1939-1945 THE CROSS IN THIS FORECOURT IS SIMILAR TO THOSE RAISED IN WAR CEMETERIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IN GRATEFUL AND UNDYING REMEMBRANCE OF THE SACRIFICE MADE BY SAILORS SOLDIERS AND AIRMEN FROM ALL PARTS OF THE COMMONWEALTH WHO DIED DURING TWO WORLD WARS * * * THE OFFICERS AND MEN WHOSE NAMES ARE HONOURED ON THE PANELS NEARBY WERE BURIED AT SEA WITH THEIR COMRADES WHO LIE BURIED IN THE NORTH FRONT CEMETERY AND IN THE JEWISH CEMETERY THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES AT GIBRALTAR WHILE SERVING THEIR COUNTRY



Location: Gibraltar,

Number of casualties: 2


Location: Gibraltar,

Number of casualties: 689


Location: Spain,

Number of casualties: 1