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How to search

Our search tool will allow you to interrogate our database to find various casualty records. There are a range of different fields that will allow you to create the right search terms for you. For a more detailed search, you can add further fields by using the Additional Fields. You do not have to use every field in our search tool.

All of our results are sorted by Relevance. This means that we will attempt to give you the most relevant casualty at the top of the list, with further results listed down the page. The fields that allow you to enter text manually have an option called ‘Match this search term exactly’.

This allows you a level of flexibility in the search terms. For example, if you searched for First name: Clive, Last name: Smith, you’d get Clive Smith at the top of the list, with other Clives and Smiths in order of relevance down the list.

If you use Match Term Exactly on the same search, you would only get the result for Clive Smith.

You do not have to search purely by name, you could, for example, run a search for all casualties listed in a particular cemetery or memorial, or all that served for a particular regiment.

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