Taukkyan War Cemetery is the largest of the three war cemeteries in Burma.

The unveiling of Rangoon Memorial 

Work began in 1951 for the reception of graves from four battlefield cemeteries at Akyab, Mandalay, Meiktila and Sahmaw which were difficult to access and could not be maintained.

Burials were also transferred from civil and cantonment cemeteries and from a number of isolated jungle and roadside sites. Due to prolonged post-war unrest, considerable delay occurred before the Army Graves Service was able to complete its work and in the meantime many such graves had disappeared.

However, when the task was resumed, several hundred more graves were retrieved from scattered positions throughout the country and brought together.

rangoon memorial 

The memorial was unveiled by General Sir Francis Festing, Commander in Chief of the Far East Land Forces on 9 February 1958. Among those present were more than 50 of the relatives of those commemorated on the memorial, who travelled from the United Kingdom.

In his address, General Festing said the memorial presents a picture of a simple truth – that of a multitude of men of many races and widely differing faiths, who gave their lives in a common cause.

The address at Rangoon

Also located at the cemetery are the Taukkyan Cremation Memorial and Taukkyan Memorial.