Dunkirk Memorial commemorates more than 4,500 casualties of the British Expeditionary Force who died or were captured there and have no known grave. The cemetery and memorial are open daily.


The Dunkirk Memorial stands at the entrance to the British War Graves Section of Dunkirk Town Cemetery, which lies at the south-eastern corner of the town of Dunkirk, immediately south of the canal and on the road to Veurne (Furnes) in Belgium. On entering the cemetery through the columns of the Dunkirk Memorial, two Commonwealth war graves sections will be seen: Plots IV and V from the First World War and Plots I and II from the Second World War. There is also a further First World War section (Plots I, II and III) in the main part of the cemetery to the right of the main entrance.

Visitor Facilities

  • Accessibility

    There is a disabled parking space marked on the road immediately in front of the Dunkirk Memorial. A slope has been built to allow wheelchair access from the pavement to the memorial and thus Plots IV and V from the First World War and Plots I and II from the Second World War in the cemetery. Plots I, II and III from the First World War, in the main part of the cemetery, are accessible via the Civil Cemetery entrance.



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