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Casualty Search - how to search for a casualty, use the more detailed search options, and refine your results


Downloading and Sorting Results - how to sort and download casualty results

Viewing Casualty Records - how to download commemorative certificates, locate cemetery and memorial references, look at cemetery plans and view casualty archives

Cemetery Search - how to search for a cemetery and locate cemeteries and memorials near you



You should be able to trace an individual, regiment, cemetery or memorial by putting just a few details into the entry fields.

Tip – filling in more fields for your search can increase the risk of getting something wrong. Less is more and a filter can be applied to refine the results obtained.

If you are at all uncertain about any information it is better to leave the field bank.

There are a few cases where certain names and characters may prove difficult to find. If you are having trouble with a particular search you can take advantage of our 'wildcard' function in the ‘Additional Information’ field. By placing an asterisk (*) at either end of the name (or a portion of that name), the search engine will provide you with a range of results containing the text you are searching for - allowing for a slight variation in character spacing, spelling and name order, etc. The results will compensate for any error in spacing and misuse or emission of the hyphen, etc.

Other information available:

  • Grave or memorial reference. This relates to the Plot, Row and Grave of the individual or the Panel on a memorial where they are buried or commemorated. Plans are available on the website and at our cemeteries and memorials that will help you locate the person.
  • Sometimes "additional information", like next of kin details, are available.
  • The view certificate option will display all the information on this page as a certificate which you can print or download and save.


Our database contains information on about 23,000 cemeteries and memorials worldwide where Commonwealth casualties from the two world wars are commemorated.

It is possible to search for our cemeteries and memorials by name, location, war, and even size.

Country and location and war are drop down lists from which you can select the desired country or location or war you wish to search by.

If you know the name of the location you wish to visit you can enter it into the location field. An exact match is not required as, after the first three characters have been entered, you will be presented with a list of possible matches.

The number of causalities field can be used in combination with the above or on its own to search for and find locations both large and small.

Other information available:

  • Find These Records - this button will give you a report of all the individuals buried or commemorated at the location.

Other points to note for both searches:

  • Searches are not case sensitive. Search criteria may be entered in upper, lower or mixed case. Searches are not phonetic.
  • Search results can be sorted by column heading, printed and clicked on for more information - including certificates, locations notes, maps, plans and pictures.
  • Only one search term is required to search.
  • Results can be edited later as any incorrect details may return no results.

For more information, contact us.