Last name Rank Service Number First names or initials Date of death Age Cemetery/memorial Grave Reference/Panel Number Regiment Country of service
DA COSTA Civilian J 05 December 1918 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD North West of church View record Portuguese Civilian Portuguese DA COSTA Civilian 05/12/1918 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD Portuguese Civilian Portuguese
  • Last name DA COSTA
  • First name(s)
  • Rank Civilian
  • Service number
  • Regiment Portuguese Civilian
  • Country of service Portuguese
  • Date of death 05 December 1918
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MORGAN Private 238945 LEONARD SAMUEL 16 February 1917 Age 19 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD North West of church. View record Herefordshire Regiment United Kingdom MORGAN Private 238945 16/02/1917 19 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD Herefordshire Regiment United Kingdom
  • Last name MORGAN
  • First name(s) LEONARD SAMUEL
  • Rank Private
  • Service number 238945
  • Regiment Herefordshire Regiment
  • Country of service United Kingdom
  • Date of death 16 February 1917
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