Last name Rank Service Number First names or initials Date of death Age Cemetery/memorial Grave Reference/Panel Number Regiment Country of service
MORGAN Private 238945 LEONARD SAMUEL 16 February 1917 Age 19 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD North West of church. View record Herefordshire Regiment United Kingdom MORGAN Private 238945 16/02/1917 19 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD Herefordshire Regiment United Kingdom
  • Last name MORGAN
  • First name(s) LEONARD SAMUEL
  • Rank Private
  • Service number 238945
  • Regiment Herefordshire Regiment
  • Country of service United Kingdom
  • Date of death 16 February 1917
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DA COSTA Civilian J 05 December 1918 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD North West of church View record Portuguese Civilian Portuguese DA COSTA Civilian 05/12/1918 ABBEYCWMHIR (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD Portuguese Civilian Portuguese
  • Last name DA COSTA
  • First name(s)
  • Rank Civilian
  • Service number
  • Regiment Portuguese Civilian
  • Country of service Portuguese
  • Date of death 05 December 1918
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