Middle Eastern Fronts Battles

In November 1914, forces of the British Empire invaded Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), a territory of the Ottoman Empire. British Empire forces would battle their way up the ancient waterways of the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia, across the open deserts of the Saini in northeast Egypt and the mountain ranges of the Holy Land.

© IWM (HU 75737) The Advance through Palestine and the Battle of Megiddo: Australian members of the Imperial Camel Corps near Jaffa in Palestine prepare to mount. Their camels are kneeling in a row, their heads pulled by their bridles towards the mounting riders.

Egypt and Palestine

In 1915, Ottoman forces invaded the British protectorate of Egypt, threatening the Suez Canal which was vital to the British Empire’s war effort.

© IWM (Q 24631) British officers visiting the remains of a ruined temple at Babylon.


In 1914, forces of the British Empire opened a new military front in the remote Ottoman province of Mesopotamia (now Iraq).