War in the Air

From the German use of aircraft in Blitzkrieg to conquer France, to the safeguarding of the British Isles in the Battle of Britain, for the first time in history the outcome of a conflict could be decided in the air. However, it also brought civilian populations into war in a new and terrible way, from the massive British and American 1,000 bomber raids and the German jet propelled vengeance weapons to the first use of nuclear weapons.

© IWM (CH 1499) Hurricanes of No. 85 Squadron in flight in search of the enemy, October 1940.

Battle of Britain

In July 1940, the German Air Force launched a large-scale attack intent on wiping out the Royal Air Force.

© IWM (HU 106277) Blenheim Mk Is of No. 90 Squadron in flight, circa 1938.

Bomber Command

The Royal Air Force Bomber Command played a central role in the strategic bombing of Germany.