The 1.7 Million stories of the CWGC

The 1.7 Million stories of the CWGC

Discover the work of the organisation that cares for the 1.7 million Commonwealth men and women who lost their lives during the two world wars. With the help of colleagues from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, historians and special guests, we’ll explore some of the stories of those who lost their lives, the history of the wars and how the CWGC is still doing its work today.

Episode 4 - Military Vehicles

26 May 2020

In our fourth episode Scott Smith discovers more about the Dunkirk Evacuation and the connections that military vehicles have with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Scott is joined by Nick Bristow, Historical Research Coordinator and Michael Greet, Assistant Archivist to discuss the loss of the British Armies vehicle stock during the Dunkirk Evacuation, vehicles that appear on headstones and different types of jobs that have required a vehicle at the Commission. While special guest Rosie Rixon details what it is like to own a vintage military vehicle and travel in it to our sites across Europe.

Episode 3 - RAF

12 May 2020

In our third episode Aidan Parr focusses on the courageous airmen and women of the first and second world wars. Starting with the introduction of aerial warfare during the First World War, to the role of the RAF in the second, and the work of the CWGC in commemorating the men and women of the air service.

Aidan is joined by Commemorations Case Manager Mel Donnely and Heritage Interpretation officer Max Dutton who both have their own close ties to the RAF.

Episode 2 - Civilians

28 April 2020

In our second episode Jack Sheeran discovers, ahead of VE Day 75, the impact of the Second World War on civilians and how those who lost their lives are remembered today.

Jack is joined by Peter Francis, Media and PR Executive, and Megan Maltby, Senior Public Events Coordinator, to discuss the civilian roll of honour, the changing role of women, the blitz and how journalists reported from the front line.

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