Rededication ceremony for Lieutenant Leonard Kidd and 2nd Lieutenant Fenton Phillips

12 October 2017 , 11am

A rededication ceremony will be held for Lieutenant Leonard Cameron Kidd MC and 2nd Lieutenant Fenton Ellis Stanley Phillips MC, both of The Royal Flying Corps, at 11am at the CWGC’s Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, France.

Caterpillar Valley Cemetery

Lt Kidd MC and 2nd Lt Phillips MC, 3 Squadron RFC, were killed on 12 October 1916 during the Le Transloy phase of the Battle of the Somme, flying a Morane Saulnier Parasol aircraft. Records confirm they were hit by anti-aircraft fire and crashed. Through research it has been established that the two were buried next to each other in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery. The rededication ceremony will be held 101 years after they lost their lives.

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