Wreath laying at the New Zealand Cycling Corps Memorial

05 April 2018 , 14:00 - 15:00

On 23 July 1918 the New Zealand Cycling Corps (NZCC), fighting as infantry attached to the British 32nd division, captured the village of Marfaux and a key ridge 360 metres beyond taking 100 German prisoners and nine machine guns along the way.

Marfaux British Cemetery

They also resuced some famished British prisoners of war captured in the village three days earlier. The successful attack came at a terrible price. Twenty-one members of the NZCC were killed or later died of wounds, a further 73 were wounded, a massive toll for such a small unit. Their deeds are commemorated at the Marfaux (New Zealand) Memorial in the Marfaux British Cemetery, which is dedicated to 10 members of NZCC who have no known grave.

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