Burial service for two soldiers of the First World War

15 March 2018

A burial service will be held at Orchard Dump Cemetery, France, for two soldiers of the First World War.

Orchard Dump Cemetery

Their remains were discovered separately during excavation work near the town of Gavrelle. One soldier belonged to the Durham Light Infantry; intensive research and DNA testing has been carried out but unfortunately, to date, his identity has not been established  The other soldier served with the Bedfordshire Regiment, but it has not been possible to identify him.

They will be buried with full military honours. The service has been organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre and will be attended by British Defence Staff, regimental representatives from both The Rifles and Royal Anglian Regiments and local dignitaries. The CWGC will be providing the headstones.

Latest News

A burial service was held at CWGC Orchard Dump Cemetery in France, today for two First World War soldiers.

A burial service for First World War soldier Private (Pte) Thomas Edmundson was held at CWGC Perth Cemetery (China Wall) in Belgium this morning.

The son and grandchildren of a Second World War pilot previously buried as an ‘Unknown Polish Airmen’ attended a rededication service at his grave on the 75th anniversary of his death.