Service of rededication for the crew of Lancaster DS678

27 June 2018 , 11:00

A service of rededication for the crew of Lancaster DS678 will be held in the Commission’s Niederzwehren Cemetery near Kassel in Germany.

Niederzwehren Cemetery

Lancaster DS678 took off on the night of 24 March 1944 to attack Berlin; it failed to return. Five of the crew were killed, while two survived and were taken Prisoners of War.

The dead were buried in the Prisoner of War cemetery at Ohrdruf. The exact location of their graves has been lost over the years as Ohrdruf was used by Soviet forces as a training area after the war and remained a restricted area until the reunification of Germany in the 1990s.

The service has been organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre, Ministry of Defence and will be attended by British Defence Staff, regimental representatives and local dignitaries. The CWGC will provide the Special Memorial headstones which commemorate the five crew members known to have been buried at Ohrdruf, but who are now remembered at the Commission’s Niederzwehren Cemetery.

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